Uniqball manual

Uniqball manual

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The level of smoothness I am talking about under load is really the terrain of heads costing almost twice as much as the Uniqball. UniqBall 45XC A special clamp enabling UBH45 heads to accept the bidirectional (x or y) mounting of camera bodies and lenses. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. . Uniqball uniqball manual November 19 at 9:00 AM · We have been supporting the "Nature Photographer of the Year" competition in Hungary since, as a major sponsor, we give a special prize to a low-angle animal photographer who made long exposure time and a long focal lens.

We have come to be so dominated by a handful of corporate giants, that finding true creative entrepreneurs making imaginative and successful products is always a pleasure. Whats Included: Uniqball UBH35XN ball head New UCX X-cross clamp Allen Key for the plates and for the clamp Warranty card with PIN code for extended warranty with registration User manual Product information. The one limitation on the quality of the Uniqball’s performance lies with the tensioning on the bottom leveling ball. It has all of the great advantages of these established heads but without any of the drawbacks. And oh yeah – I loved the red accent on the head.

Comes in two different sizes, ideal for all kind of outdoor functions, nature photography, sport-, landscape and. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with our Prodcuts! Moza Guru360 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for: The Moza Guru360 is a 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer for 360° cameras. .

If you, like me, are a chronic slopey-horizon shooter, the Uniqball might be just the ticket. But neither is it as expensive as the super high-end heads. • Uniqball UBH35 ball head. The bottom ball does not feel perfectly smooth when tensioned enough for fine adjustments to the levelling when under heavy loads and I occasionally wished I could have tensioned it a bit more while retaining greater smoothness in the re-leveling process.

The Unicball 45 is not cheap. Maximum Load Capacity: 22 lb, Quick Release: Without Quick Release, Tripod Mount Thread Size: 3/8"-16 You&39;ve no need to lock your lens up when you pause your shooting, it will be right there where you left it when you are ready to resume. Q: Cleaning A: Generally, Uniqball heads do not require any special treatments.

Leveling the head without a load works perfectly. As mentioned, this is a nice piece of kit in all respects. A lot of good engineering and fine machining have gone into it. Load Capacity 33 Ib (15 kg). Directions can be alternatively set by the user according to the provided manual, simply using an Allen-key. Detail - UniqBall UBH 45XC-2 Ball.

The UniqBall combines two ball heads into one. 6, 200-400mm F/4, 500mm F/4, 400mm F/2. Last but not least, I really like supporting innovative small companies in the photography sector. The UniqBall UBH 45X Ball Head comes with a universal plate. Recommended for super telephoto. The image above shows this plate (bottom) along with optional UniqBall lens plates with their anti-rotation nubs. In the box: - Uniqball ballhead - Warranty card with PIN code for extended warranty with registration - User manual.

UniqBall UBH 45 and UBH 35 have identical uniqball manual design and defer only in size. The UBX45X comes with an also-unique double-opening neoprene pouch as shown below. Product manual in PDF format for UBH35CX. The ability to have full free movement while maintaining level is the Uniqball’s real strength. UniqBall UBH45 Mini Review The Uniqball is marketed as a single head replacement for a ballhead, panorama head and gimbal head. 1800 x 1200 high-res version Posted by. UniqBall ballheads are combining the practical advantages of a two-way head, with the flexibility of a traditional ballhead.

The Uniqball UBH45XC; our well know revolutionary ball head with X-cross clamp is suitable for all 38,1 mm wide standard Arca Swiss style plates. · Hi, a few days ago I bought the small version of the UniqBall. UBH 35 is smaller and should be used with equipment that weighs up. For using them with the UniqBall a hex key is included to allow you rotate the clamp 90° In the box: - Uniqball ballhead - Warranty card with PIN code for extended warranty with registration - User manual. Load Capacity 90 Ib (40 kg) Height 4,1" (10,5 cm) Tripod Mount Thread. Designed with the tilt and roll motors in places that won&39;t obstruct the camera&39;s view, the Guru360 overcomes the major challenge in stabilizing 360° cameras. See full list on luminous-landscape.

Manuals for your Uniqball products. Manual - UBH45XC. With the Uniqball 45 X-cross clamp the camera can be mounted according to the photographer’s needs. Top Rated Gear: UniqBall UBH-45XC Ball Head with X-Cross Clamp (QR Plate Not Included, Arca Type). 1061 Budapest, Andrássy way 10, 1st floor 13, Hungary; Tripods – Uniqball unique tripods Uniqball unique tripods.

Its integrated digital tuner will receive a signal via the RF coaxial input from your antenna or unscrambled cable signal and output it through its RF coaxial output or its HDMI output for your tuner-free HD display. This combination allows for panning and tilting while keeping the horizon line level. What makes this head so unique is the fact that it utilises TWO balls, one inside the other, allowing for easy levelling of the camera without interfering/fiddling with leg adjustments. Put simply, the Uniqball keeps you level when you have told it to, despite your best efforts to screw things up. Product film for the innovative ballhead, the "Uniqball".

UniqBall comes with a X/Y-direction clamp, for optimal performance with telephoto lenses. When in use, the plate may be in direction of the optical axis and also perpendicular to it. The fineness of the tensioning adjustment on the upper ball also i. Moreover, the Uniqball can actually hold up under some pretty extreme angles. With the UniqBall 45 X-cross clamp, the camera can be mounted according to the photographer’s needs. Uniqball UCX X-Cross Clamp . reserves the right to modify this Agreement, if necessary. Apart from using it as a regular heavy duty ballhead, this revolutionary product gives photographer.

The user manual, in downloadable form as well. Two ball heads are combined into one unit, allowing the user to level and lock the shooting position using the red ball first, before panning and tilting the camera uniqball manual with the second ball, all while keeping the camera and lens level. Buy: UniqBall UBH 35XC Ball Head with X-Cross Clamp, 33 Lbs Capacity, QR Plate Not Included, Arca Type MFR: UBH-35XC. Uniqball UBH35XC ball head; New UCX X-cross clamp; Allen Key for the plates and for the clamp; Warranty card with PIN code for extended warranty with registration; User manual; See Specifications tab below for additional information.

Manual - UBH35XC. The Uniqball is one of those products that serves its raison d-etre particularly well. Includes quick-release plate, soft bag, allen wrench, user manual and warranty card. Classy looking, and just a bit fun. It is a really nicely made piece of kit. With a professional-weight camera mounted, it is possible, but not always dead easy, to re-level the ball.

Technical Pro WASP1250LBT 12" Portable PA: 7 All-In-One Portable Speaker Systems for Special Events and Parties Read More The WASP1250LBT 12" Portable PA System with Wireless Microphone from Technical Pro is capable of up to 1,250-watts of peak output and features a variety of input options, including a VHF wireless microphone with a 50-foot range. I think most people who are happy to spend around 0 for a good ballhead will be happy with it. UniqBall is a revolutionary new type of ball head, combining all the attributes of a traditional ball head, a gimbal head, a pan & tilt head and a fluid head. The outer ball head is used as a conventional ball head or as a leveling head for the inner base.

Loosen the lever, level the bottom ball, tighten and go. It is highly functional both as an ordinary tripod head, and in level-critical applications. Using a long lens, perhaps a 500mm / 600mm, a 150-600mm or ahas never been easier and your kit will feel weightless to boot. Be the first to review “UBH 35X Ballhead bidirectional clamp” Cancel reply. While my tripod usually takes care of the acrobtic balancing, the Uniqball is definitely a team-player in getting you level even on extreme terrain. This head made me think the in the right circumstances pano-stitching is now workable for me. The physics are just not on your side. The product description include: the category of the product basic information of the product the purchase price of 1 item of the product and including 0% or 27% VAT, detailed price in parantheses.

· The UniqBall UBH 35 is one of a kind. 8, 100-400mm F/5. The inertial weight of the load is obviously the problem.

User manual pro Desktop Computers iBUYPOWER - User manual, User manual Desktop Computers iBUYPOWER, Search For Manual Online. Most camera body plates are X-direction. · With a name like &39;UniqBall&39; it&39;s no surprise this ball head is one of the most unique heads on the market. Buy: UniqBall UBH-35P Ball Head with Ultra Light Pano Clamp, Supports 22 Lbs (QR Plate Not Included, Arca Type). Although lightweight, the UniqBall can still support a heavy telephoto uniqball manual lens. The plate may be in direction of the optical axis and also perpendicular to it. The UBH 45XC by UniqBall is a well-known revolutionary ballhead with an X-cross clamp that is suitable for all 38mm wide standard Arca-Swiss style plates. The outer ball, can be used as a normal ballhead, or you can use it as a leveling base for the inner ball, which acts as a two-way head due to its inner limiting mechanism.

But, since I am the sort of photographer who repositions frequently without removing my camera, this was the one point at which I wishe. Both the leveling base and the Arca. It picks up several concepts already seen in to the ArcaSwiss Monoball Z2 and the FLM Centerball 38 FT - but in comparison to those two it goes the whole 10 yards of being the swiss knife for photographers in the field that don&39;t want to carry both a leveling base, a normal ball head and a gymbal. uniqball UBH 35XUBH 35X です。. · A revolutionary multi functional ball head for the versatile photographer.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. The quality of these plates is very good. “I like the versatility,” Ian says. Doing so with 10 pounds or more on top is asking a lot. Recommended for up to medium telephoto.

Maximum Load Capacity: 90 lb, Quick Release: Without Quick Release, Tripod Mount Thread Size: 3/8"-16. Product description Convert digital over-the-air signals to analog for your analog TV or tuner-free display with the AT-263 Digital TV Converter Box. Maximum Load Capacity: 33 lb, Quick Release: With Quick Release, Tripod Mount Thread Size: 3/8"-16.

Warranty letter - UBH35CX. To be fair, I am asking the almost-impossible.

Uniqball manual

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